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Cracked Minecraft anarchy server combining the good old freedom with a new customized player experience achieved by expanding the vanilla gameplay. These two aspects are creating a brand new flavor of anarchy action you won’t forget just like on regular Minecraft servers.

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As Every server our server has a story behind it too

Our story

Our story takes place when the coronavirus reached Europe.
Countries started to go into lockdown, and people started pouring to online game servers and I opened Minecraft after a long time after watching a lot of Minecraft anarchy videos.
I joined one „semi-anarchy“ server and after a few months playing there I met Killmlana and we became friends.
After some time we got fed up with how the server was managed and with how it was gradually losing its anarchy aspect. Because of this, we started this server.
A server that is honest about what it is.
A server that won’t lose its anarchy aspect.
A server where you aren’t limited by any rules.