Egirls Nation

is shutting down


In the last several months I was busy with college and since my major has a lot of programming I wasn't really keen to get into more programming after I finished studying for the day. Maybe the lack of working on the server caused the loss of motivation to continue, maybe not. It doesn't really matter now anyway.

The second owner, Killmlana, also reeled me on some other projects I was really looking to work on. That certainly didn't help the server, but made me realize I want to dedicate my time into other projects rather than spending my time patching exploits, bending the anticheat into something it wasn't meant to do and figuring out new ways to keep the players entertained.

Running an anarchy server proved to be a real challenge to someone who didn't have any experience with Minecraft development, but it was the right way to go. Thanks to the server I found my passion in programming and switched my major to it.

This way I'd like to thank everyone that ever played on the server :)


There is no world download yet. When the server is shut down and the world download is finished, you'll be able to download it here. An announcement will be posted on the discord server.


Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the decision or would like to continue the server you can reach us on the discord server bellow.